Pakistan: A confused state

Pakistan may be the only country in the world that has almost everything borrowed from somewhere. And it’s relationship with its borrowed assets is complicated.
1. Religion- They agree and it’s quite evident, it’s borrowed from the Middle East. If they contradict this point, they may lose claim to their piece of land on earth.(I’ll prove you how)
2. Language- Urdu is the National Language. It was born of the confluence of Hindi (primarily) and Arabic. Arabic has more influence on the script they use.
A few other languages- Punjabi, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Pashto, et al, are borrowed from their respective regions.
3. Territory- It’s no secret that they got the piece of land they live on, from India. Thanks to India they now have something they can call their home. Now, point no. 3, claim on territory can be contradictory to their claim on religion (point no. 1). Pakistan govt. has been promoting a twisted version of history. They don’t say their ancestors were Hindus who were forcefully or voluntarily(doubtful) converted to Islam. They claim their ancestors came from the Middle East. This actually emphasizes their claim on their religion. But unfortunately, this puts a big question mark on their territorial claim. If they say they belong to Middle East, what are they doing here?
4. Political civilization(only for documentary purposes)- Thanks to India they got a piece of land and dominion in 1947 but it did not have any constitution till 1973.  😐
5. Nuclear technology- Although they have been claiming their Nuclear technology to be indigenous, they are yet to have an automobile company of their own. Let’s wish them best of luck!

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