In my professional career, I have worked with many multi-million dollar MNC companies which provided me an exposure to the best work environment. Through my profession, I got an opportunity to work with people with varied cultural and professional backgrounds.

Information Technology has certainly shrunk the world and brought people and cultures closer to each other, which seemed near to impossible earlier. Now a customer sitting half way round the globe can get services at mid-night without hampering his/her day work schedule. It’s all possible with the advent of Information Technology.

While a part of the world is working to get Artificial Intelligence and Bots to real life, the significant other rest of the world is still struggling to make themselves understood to the people/professionals from the other parts of the world; to reduce the communication gap. With various organizations working on closing this gap and a number of books written on cross-cultural sensitization, it also seems imperative to have someone in that culture where the workforce resides, who can not only understand and interpret the language/s spoken by the people in the employer community but also are adept in training the two communities to acknowledge each other’s traditions, work culture and facilitate easy teethering with each other in a way that benefits the organization/s the most.

Ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Does your work entail liaising with delivery teams in India?
  2. Do you face challenges explaining the requirements?
  3. Do you find the delivery lacks quality or is late or likely to be late?

If the answers to the above questions are “Yes”, the problem is not in your counterpart or you. It’s the cultural gap that creates these issues. To address this you need consultancy services that can reduce the communication gap. Someone who can liaise with your counterparts to understand their views, challenges, close gap and facilitate efficient delivery. A Certified Scrum Master would be the answer to your challenges. A Scrum Master who can interface between your offshore team in India and help them invigorate in them, your organizational vision/values without loss of any intent during the cultural transition.

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