Delhi 06 (Review)

Kaala Bandar
Delhi 6
Rehna Tu

…oops, another review? No!! No!! There are at least 100s of other sites where you could get the review about this movie. Where people have tried to prove this movie a waste. I am yet to get a review that talks about the exceptionally good message given in this movie. Of course, once we wake up from the magic of Slumdog Millionaire. (:D)
I saw it last evening and believe me after years I saw a Hindi movie, with such a good message in it that could be brought back to home. The movie is a subtle attack on the isms that we have in our society-Casteism, Religionism, etc, etc.
I enjoyed every Nano-second of the movie. The best character of the movie is the character who is considered most irrelevant. Thank you Rakesh Mehra for this kind of movie. This is what a multi ethnic country like that of ours need for a time so turbulent as now.
And if you are not going to the movie just because you read some review that speaks low about the movie, I believe you would miss something really good to learn.

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