Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta (Chapter 12)

||Yoga of Devotion||

Said Lord Supreme:

” With their minds fixed on Me, those who worship Me always, with faith and sincerity, they are considered to be the most qualified in the Yoga by Me.” -Verse 2

“But those who are engaged in the worship of the Imperishable, the Indefinable, the Invisible, the Omnipresent, the Unthinkable, the Immutable, the Immovable, and fixed” -Verse 3

“Controlling all the senses, maintaining equanimity everywhere, engaged in the welfare of all beings, they also come to Me only.” -Verse 4

“It is very difficult for those whose minds are preoccupied with the Unmanifest because for the embodied souls it is indeed very painful to make progress towards the Unmanifest.” – Verse 5

“He, remains attached to Me, renouncing all his acclivities to Me, meditating upon Me without any distractions and worshipping Me,” -Verse 6

“And whose minds are set upon Me, I rescue them from the ocean of mortal samsara (worldly life).” -Verse 7

“Upon Me fix your mind, in Me operate your intelligence and thereafter without doubt you shall live in Me only.” -Verse 8

“Certainly knowledge is better than practice, but better than knowledge is meditation, superior to which is renunciation of the fruits of actions. Indeed after renunciation there is only peace.” -Verse 12

“Without any hatred towards all beings, friendly and compassionate, without any sense of possessiveness, without any egoism, equal in pleasure and pain and forgiving.” -Verse 13

“The Yogi who is always contended, self-controlled, strongly determined, his mind and intelligence offered to Me, that devotee is dear to Me.” -Verse 14

“He who nether disturbs the world nor is disturbed by it, who is free from joy, envy, fear and excitement – he is dear to me.” -Verse 15

“He who is without expectations, pure, dexterous, impartial, undisturbed, renouncing all effort in undertakings – that devotee is dear to Me.” -Verse 16

“He who neither likes nor dislikes, neither bemoans nor desires, who has renounced both the auspicious and the inauspicious and who is full of devotion to me- he is dear to Me.” -Verse 17

“Equal to friend and foe, in honor and dishonor, heat and cold, pleasure and pain and equally free from all attachment.” -Verse 18

“Equal to being criticized or praised, silent, contended with whatever he has, without a fixed abode, stable minded, engaged in devotion- that devotee is dear to Me.” Verse 19

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