My Pujo Diary 2010

10/10/10(Tritiya)- Went South City to cover the decoration with Manjeet

10/11/10(Chaturthi)- Was denied entry to CJ Block Puja as the Hon’ Governor was visiting the Puja. Went to see FD Block Puja with Hindol.

10/12/10(Panchami)- While on the way to the office, visited three pandals in Santoshpur.

10/12/10(Panchami)- Covered CJ Block, BJ Block in Salt Lake, Raj Danga and Bosepukur Rd. in Kasba, Tridhara Club in Deshapriya Park. Loads of thanks to Hindol Chakraborty to be with me.

10/13/10(Shashthi)- (Leave in office)- 1900 Hrs IST Starting from Jodhpur, covered almost all the Pujas in and around Gariahat, Deshapriya Park and Hazra, ended my day with Maddox Square Puja at 0200 Hrs IST(10/14). I feel sorry about Manjeet and Amar. I made them walk more than 20.KMs. 😀 Anyway, Thanks to them I was able to cover so much. Not surprisingly, they had their excuses ready for the next day. 😛

10/14/10(Saptami)- (Leave in office) Couldn’t get out in the afternoon due to bad weather. Covered Suruchi Sangha in New Alipore. Came back home by 2200 Hrs IST. Had to prepare for the next day in the office.

10/15/10(Maha Ashtami)- Went out to cover North Kol. pujos at 2130 Hrs IST after my day in the office. It was drizzling throughout and for some unsolicited reasons I was surprised to find myself alone in a place I was new to. Covered Pujas in and around Ultadanga and Shovabazar. Felt very disheartened when I was stopped from taking snaps of the deity at Telangabagan. I had to contend with few shots that I couldn’t count as my best effort. Risked my camera getting snatched in Kumartuli, I still managed to steal four really good shots. Gosai Para Pujo infused a new life in me that night. I made a video and have published it on my YouTube Channel. The handcrafted artwork, pandal made of cane and the lights with the South Indian music playing in the background all made it a strong competitor to the biggies around. Completed covering Shovabazar at 0200 Hrs IST(10/16/10). Covered Pujas around Mudiali and finally got back home at 0400 Hrs IST. (huh! I was almost dead! :D)

10/16/10 (Maha Navami)- 1900 Hrs IST. Dhruva and I went to Naktala and Pujas around Rashbehari (Pujas of Badamtala and 66 Pally is worthmentioning). Thanks for your company Dhruva!

10/17/10 (Bijoya)- Had lunch at Sister’s place. Went to see Mridul Da and his family (I have a few of my youngest admirers there). Abhishek, please tell your Dad I’ll visit you all again for the chicken he treated me with. I haven’t forgotten the taste yet. It was a great preparation. Thanks! Couldn’t cover the Sidur khela :(( 1900 Hrs IST. Captured some really good Bidai snaps and went to bhasaan along with my neighbours. My videos stand testimony to the quality of dancers I have in my neighbourhood. 😉

Not to mention, I was editing and uploading the snaps and the videos throughout. :)) Thanks to you all for your appreciation! You became one of the reasons behind my endless energy! THANK YOU ALL!!

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