Wise decision

Just before the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishn summoned Arjun and Duryodhan to ask for anything they wanted from HIM before the battle began. Both of the parties to the battle were dear to HIM and HE wanted to ensure that HE takes his position before the battle and also HE doesn’t do any injustice to the other. It was a great opportunity for both, Duryodhan and Arjun, to have a winning edge over the other which depended greatly on their decisions. Both of them reached the Lord when HE was asleep. Duryodhan, sat near Lord’s pilow thinking whenever HE wakes up HE will see him first and he gets the opportunity to capitalize. Arjun, as humble as ever, sat near The Lord’s feet. Lord Krishn realized something near HIS feet and woke up to see Arjun first. So HE asked Arjun what he wished to take amongst the two -1. Narayan (The Lord himself); or 2. Narayani Sena (Lord’s magical army). Duryodhan bounced saying he came there first so his wish should be granted first. As always, Arjun consented to it. You know what Duryodhan asked for- Narayani Sena. Rest is all history. We all know it.

Moral of the story- We get what we desire. We just need the maturity and wisdom to be able to categorize our desires into our wants and our needs. Our future depends on what we choose in our present.

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