Mawlynnong, India

What you want to see is what you get to see. Sometime back some BBC salesperson made a documentary on a stale but quite marketable story and named it India’s Daughter. Here’s a more true and dignified story and for obvious reasons we don’t care to know about it. Karolin Klüppel, a Berlin based photographer, travels to a remote village on North East India to bring us this story. In this village girls have more importance than boys. They inherit their family property. Their surnames are used as family names. It’s the groom who lives in his in-laws place. If the family’s financial conditions permit it’s the girls who gets education first. And BTW this village is known to be the cleanest village in not only in India but in entire Asia.
What the photographer highly appreciate and says is missing their society is the love and care for the family.
I am a firm believer of paradoxical coexistence. Life is incomplete without death. Every good thing has at least one bad aspect and every wrong thing will surely have at least one good aspect. It’s what we pick up that matters the most and creates our destiny.

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