Drinking water: A fast depleting natural resource

Unfortunately we have never challenged the perception that was forced upon us that made us believe water is a renewable natural resource. In many well to do cities around the world we do not have sufficient drinking water. The fact is highlighted in an article published by Washington Post on this link.
It’s good to see that we have gradually started acknowledging the fact the we are heading towards a crisis in terms of making drinking water available to the masses.
The question here is isn’t it time we shift drinking water from renewable resource to a non renewable one.
To overcome our perception let’s compare it with a resource we term as non renewable. Let’s take an example of fossil fuel. We often say the resources are depleting. But the fact is also nature is producing those resources continuously. It’s just that we are using the resources faster than those are depleting. How different is the case of   drinking water from that of fossil fuel. Probably the latter is in a more advanced stage.
If we really want to avoid this crisis we need to act now. Now!

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