Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is the science involved in producing a personality profile of the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and stroke of an individual’s handwriting. It’s very well explained on this Wikihow article. However, what I could not find online is how to understand some personality profile based on what a person types or produces content using a computer or a mobile device. Let’s call this science eGraphology.

We often try to avoid public displays of our emotional traits. However, if you keenly observe some scripts written by a person, you may be able do a fair assessment of the kind of personality the person bears. I am going to enlist my observations here. In a course of time, I would try my best enhance this
list, although, due its dynamics, no observation on human behaviour could ever be conclusive or comprehensive.

Here we go-
1. Extensive use of punctuation- Many people tend to repeat punctuation marks after the sentence, like ?? or ??? or !!! Such people are quite emotional and could be overly expressing as well. They are quite fun to be around.
2. The formal kind- People having very less to none grammatical mistakes in their written communications are very formal and planned. Avoid offending them. You would not be able to apprehend the consequences.
3. Persons preferring ellipsis or multiple dots (…) instead any punctuation marks. Usually such people would use multiple dots in place of comma, full stop, exclamation mark or sometime even a question mark. Generally these people are more fun loving and easy going. They may be cited as the ones on the path of literary evolution.
4. No punctuation or Only Full stop- There are certainly these type of people who don’t bother to use any punctuations in their sentences. They care a damn for anyone. Don’t mess with them. Neither waste your time after them.
5. Compound sentences- There will be people who generally thinks a lot but they haven’t yet connected ideas organically. Mostly these people would write unusually long sentences. Sometimes as much as four or five sentences interwoven into one, never ending sentence. These people are generally considered confused and although would qualify for a company with intellectuals, would still feel a bit lost interpreting themselves.
6. Essay writers- This type of people are generally very honest and emotional. They get easily driven by others and you may just need a word or two to extract a paragraph long answer.

As I mentioned, this list is not comprehensive and I would strive to enhance the information as and when I get more observations. Please feel free to contribute with your observations as comments to this article. Your views are valued and much appreciated.

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