Joynagarer Moaa (Moya)

Season’s delicacy from Kolkata. My favourite sweets – Moaa or Moya.

For those who don’t know what this is-
If you can recall the jaggery making shown in the Amitabh Bachhan starer Saudagar, this is one of the hundreds of sweet dishes made of the special jaggery that Bengalis relish upon during winters. Yes, limited only to winters. That’s when the tasty jaggery is made out of date and palm sap. These sweets are not as sweet as other Indian sweets made of Sugarcane juice. And they literally melt in your mouth.
If you ever be in Kolkata during winters, don’t miss trying these sweet dishes. They are usually available in any sweet shop including a lot of make shift sweet shops exclusively dedicated to these Joynagarer Moya or Moaa from Joynagar.
A few more dishes that you can try are- Patishapta, Pithe, Nolen gurer (date jaggery) rossogolla and Nolen gurer Payesh (kheer).

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