An interview with The Almighty.

What are You?
I am nothing , but a part of you. I am just an energy created by my children who either believe on me or not.
“Ishwar ansh jeev awinashi”

Why do You create bad times?
Time is never good or bad. Destiny, which is as powerful as I am, who is also known as “Time” causes pain and brings challenging time just to remind you that the time that is on the horizon is more beautiful and makes you feel the importance of that time. Good times will be there, no matter I act or not. I can just help you go closer to that sooner. I can just help you stay happy even in bad times. And in return I want no sacrifices, no worship, no thanksgiving, absolutely nothing but love to your fellow beings. Never hate. It will cause you develop a germ called hatred in your heart that will lead you think wrong and create a bad energy around. A bad energy can only bring bad decisions and unfavourable results. Stay happy, time will always be good.

Why do you like sacrifices?
Love and faith to God can be of different types. People get nearly blind in someone’s love that they can go to any extent to make others realize how much they are in love with that particular person or thing. Every creation of Mine is equally closer and dear to me. I can never ask my one child to sacrifice another of mine to apeace me. It can never make me happy. If you really want to sacrifice something for me, Sacrifice the hatred in you and you will never find sorrow around you.

O Lord, Where can I find you?
I dwell in every living being. Respect everyone and You will respect me. Love everyone and you would love me. You cannot find me in a temple; you can’t find me in a church, or any other place. I stay in the hearts of the poor, who love me selflessly. At some point of time or the other everyone loves me. Do such things that makes me fall in love with you. Be my special creation. Love, not me, but your fellow beings who needs it more than I do and I would love you.

Can you define yourself a bit more rationally?
Yes, I can. When someone strongly wishes something good to happen and people who are around that person wish the same, that creates a positive energy. That positive energy is so strong that it makes things fall in place so as to create a positive situation for that wish to come true. This positive energy, which is Nirgun bhav, is often termed as God to give it a sagun bhav or in other words, to make it easier for people to understand and visualize that invisible power. I am nothing more than that.

Why do people blame you for anything bad that happens?
It’s just another weakness of my creation which creates and helps maintain a bond between them and Me. It’s the destiny and time that create such challenging times. It will give you situations that make this world move ahead. And I happen to be the easiest one to put the blame on. It shows how much my subjects remember me. I am happy even with that as long as it makes my children happy. I am there just to give you company. History is witness to what I say: I have never given anyone that can be measured on materialistic grounds. For people who truly love me, I would be there with them till the end of their body. I will stay with them even after that. I find my greatest joy sharing their pain. I live in their hearts. Find me there.

If You are not capable of doing anything, why should we call You The Almighty ?
Call me anything and I would love you as much as I loved you ever before.

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