We slumdogs made them millionaires

Yes!!!! So we did it. Eventually we managed to get a few Oscars for India. And that’s why we all are rejoicing. We are happy so much that not even 10% of the Indians, rejoicing today, know that today is the festival of Maha Shivaratri. The festival of the God who was worshiped first by any human on earth, that we know of in the present day.
But for the kind information of those people who are celebrating the movie’s so called victory, this movie is not at all Indian. It has, certainly Indian actors and a story based on the slums of India. But the fact is that the movie bagged so many Oscar award because it was made by someone in Hollywood and not by an Indian. I don’t think the movie is even somewhere closer to movies that are made here, like Mother India, Lagaan, Black, Devdas, Delhi 6 to name a few. These movies did not bag any such award just like Mahatma Gandhi could not bag Noble Peace Prize. But that doesn’t question his sincere efforts at all. Neither this day questions the quality of the movies that are made in India. Moreover, A R Rahman is a British citizen now.

We Indians love to find ways to associate ourselves with anything that becomes famous. But lets first ask us a question, had this movie been made by any Indian, what could that have managed to fetch? Nothing. Not even a pebble. And that’s a fact, we accept it or not.

And for the generousity shown by Mr. Danny Boyle by highlighting not the culture which is unique about this great nation but the poverty that it has, most remarkable would be to see what part of revenue generated by the movie will be donated to eradicate the problem that the movie shouts about. Lets see how sincere Danny Boyle’s concerns are, about “we poor”.

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