Hypnotism: Control how everyone behaves with you


I generally don’t give such main-stream catchy titles for my blog posts. However, I intentionally made an exception here. As other Hindu and other Eastern world scriptures, I did not want this to be implicit and limited to a certain group of people. As I strongly believe in emancipation of good, health thoughts. They should too be freely available as all other good things of this world like sunshine, water, air, etc.

Hypnotism has been a very widely and one of the most incorrectly interpreted words in English. At least , I have, if not hated, not liked either, this word most of my childhood. I compare the word to some magic or tricking someone to something mostly against the will of the person. I have never considered such a practice healthy. A strict “No! No!” for me.

In our lives, we generally see people who keep on complaining about other’s unacceptable behavior against them. Mostly, it’s just our perception towards those people or such a behavior. However, many a times, the observation may be true. We think we can change ourselves but not others. That may be true to some extent but not always. But most of the times, we are the only person who can change the situation. Many a times, the reason for such a behavior towards us, is nothing but we. It’s us who compel others to adopt a certain behavior towards us. It’s most of the times controllable by us. If we start behaving rudely towards someone, don’t you think that the other person would behave rudely to us too? Certainly and majorly, yes.  We completely define our environment. The way we conduct ourselves, behave towards others sets the ball rolling and we get the same behavior that we have given to others. You can certainly control others’ behavior towards you. It’s a simpler thing than “Karma” Let’s not confuse this with Karma. It’s as simple as what we think, what we say, how we say, when we say, who we help, how we don’t help, to others and the same tends to come back to us from others in the form of behavior.

There are exceptions to all rules. So does exist for this one too. Sometimes, you would find a few people have triggered the negative behavior towards you and you are not able to negate it by the best of your behavior. For such people, your good behavior would not be of any worth. To overcome such situation, you must first try to convince the person to change the behavior. Of course, congenially. But if that doesn’t work, you must not let the negativity inflict or stay with you. You must distance yourself with such negativity. Remember, you are here for good reasons. You must concentrate to fulfill them.

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