Our fight with slavery: a deception


Slavery, although, we all have been programmed to hate the word, we haven’t been able hate it enough to eradicate it completely from this world. The reason behind it is until now this world, which we all know have some very screwed up belief system, has been trying to abolish Slavery, the practice and not Slavery, the mindset.

Slavery, a mindset and not just a practice.

No doubt we have been trying our best to abolish this middle age, ill-practice and as per a few, we have been successful in our endeavor. However, if we look at the ground reality, we’ll find we have just changed faces, changed roles in the ill-practices. We haven’t been able to abolish Slavery at all. It exists in our society, everywhere. Everyone of us practice this, in some form or the other, to some extent or more.

Making a slave master doesn’t abolish slavery

Slavery at our homes towards our servants, maids. Slavery at offices, towards our subordinates. Compulsions towards our friends, in our relationships. There are many examples for the existence of slavery in our lives and we accept and practice it without any hesitation, sometimes consciously, some times sub consciously. We all do. Don’t we?

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