My Interests

I have enjoyed indulging myself in various hobbies and interests since my childhood. Here’s a few that you may find interesting.


I started writing in 2003. I transferred those write ups online as blogs in 2007. I started with which later became

In 2017, I shifted my blog space to and got my own Domain registered. Thus came this website, you are visiting now.


I am an avid music lover and have a diverse choice of genres that I listen to. Like any other Indian, I too have grown up listening to some of the most melodious tunes. I started my YouTube journey in 2009 by posting a few videos from my personal life. In those days, before YouTube was used by Vloggers, in India YouTube was known for hosting music, movies and movie trailers. Many of my oldest videos are Hindi and Bengali songs that were not available on YouTube in those days. I later started using YouTube to post videos from my vacay, my hobbies and my other interests

Android App development

I found my latest passion in making some good learnings from Shri Rama’s life available to masses in digital format with the latest features. With this initiative I aim to make the good learnings of ancient Hindu scriptures available to masses in an easy to access and easy to learn format that should appeal equally to the old and the young. You may install the app on your Android app from this URL-


Since my childhood, I have been pursuing my hobby of collecting currency notes and coins.

I have been posting videos on my collection of currency notes and coins on my YouTube channel


I have been into philately, collection of postage stamps and First Day Covers(FDCs), since my childhood. This was my first ever hobby. I was lucky to have some good contacts, with whose help I was able to pursue my hobby, despite spending my childhood in one of the remotest places in India.

Take a look at my postage stamp collection on this YouTube playlist.


Along with collecting postage stamps, currency notes and coins, I have been collecting old Flight tickets, First Flight Covers (FFC) and other airline related memorabilia.

Check out this videos on my collection of Aerophilately memorabilia on my YouTube channel.


I love driving long distances and am a passionate traveler. I have travelled many countries and to majority of the beautiful places in India. I love driving long distances and have driven across the longitudinal distance of India, in one trip.

I keep posting the stories from my travel on my blog and YouTube. Subscribe the YouTube Channel to stay updated with my travel stories.


Every traveler is a photographer from heart. The photographer in them makes them travel, in pursuit of beautiful things, people, cultures and places.

Photographs that I click are available for purchase as merchandise on Redbubble site. Kindly view and buy products to support.

Home Improvement and Home Automation

I have been an Architect in my professional life and in my personal life too. I love planning and putting a lot of thoughts in home improvement and making life easier, more efficient.

Majority of my furniture are custom designed to suit our exact needs. Also, I am a big fan of Home Automation and have already automated majority of electrical devices at my home using either Google Home or Amazon Alexa. I have also converted my Non-Smart devices into Smart devices to integrate them with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

I will write more about them in my blog and my YouTube channel. Stay tuned! Stay subscribed!

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