Geeta Updesh.

Jo hua, achha hua.
Jo ho raha hai, achha ho raha hai.
Jo hoga, wo bhi achha hoga.
Tumhara kya gaya jo tum rote ho.
Tum kya laye thhe, jo tumne kho diya.
Tumne kya paida kiya, jo nasht ho gaya.
Tumne jo liya, yahin se liya.
Jo diya, yahin par diya.
Jo aaj tumhara hai, kal kisi aur ka tha,
Kal kisi aur ka hoga.
Pariwartan hi is sansar ka dharm hai.

Things might not seem to be OK and in our favour. It’s just because we are not that capable of looking so far in future. Sometimes things that do not work as we expect or in our favour now, might prove to be right in our favour after sometime. The sudden impact of that happening might not be in our favour but may not necessarily hold true for us all the time. May be the things that happened and we feel hurt about is trying to make us bold enough or may be it has some good which we come to know about sometime later.

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